7 de septiembre de 2007

-y si fuera yo?-

Ok... Y suponiendo que alguien leyó el post anterior, y se lleva la propuesta a la Asamblea, y entonces aprueban estudiar cada caso de posible aborto y esto está sucediendo hace 1 año y medio y me preguntarán porque quiero abortar yo muestro esta carta de mi papá:

Dear Gaby,
Dear Daughter,

In our last conversation you made my heart so heavy with the news that you are pregant, that I was brought to tears. Still i havent been able to shake the saddness from my heart. Nothing could make a person with an eye to the future sadder than to hear that kind of news from you. You made us all very proud to have gone back and finished high school. I hoped as I imagine your mother did that from there on you would coninue to make us proud of you and take a mature position to continue being reponsible to yourself and Benjamin. I was happy you were back in university content to help finance your education. But before you got started you choose Andres as a couple. He is without a doubt a good person at heart. However the way he was raised doesnt give him much of a chance in life to ever provide well for you and Benjamin as it is,,,, let alone have another child to take care of. With your emmenent break up as a couple on the horizon, i ask you , what are you going to do to survive with two children and no education?
Why have ignored your health? All sources in Quito tell me, you have gotten fat and unattractive. Your recent health problems dont lend you the time or place now for a safe pregnancy. So what else could go wrong other than medical bills you cannt pay or a sickly child?
Your excuses for justifying this preganacy are just down right stupid and i wonder just how dumb are you? Any woman who wishes to guard against pregnacy has a source of the pill hidden where she can intelligently defend herself. Even your mother put in an IUD without telling me although I would have had no objection.
People in your family have given thier hearts to help you and in turn rather than pay them what you promised you have become a burden to them and hurt thier futures too. Lies, deception and irresponsibility have plagued your relationship with others and you are soon not to have anyone to rely on or help you. So eventually you will abandon Andres for being immature and macho stupid, not ever getting his act together to support you, then you move in with your mother with two children. This is not fair to your mother and your life will be an inferno day after day as you two scewballs fight and bicker over everything. Trapped, you will have no place to run and no decent man will want a fat, slovenly, woman with no virtues and two disiplanary problems.
Your mother and father are doctors and never ever lived in filth like you so.... What has happened to you???
Dear little Chinita, even the most optimistic view doesnt hold much well being instore for you here on out. I really wish there was something i could say or do to make a difference but it is now just too late. It is truly lamentable the pain and suffering you are bring down on your family. Even i couldnt sleep this am lamenting your future. So this letter. I respect the right to life....but doesnt Benjamin have a right to a dignified life? Doesnt your mother have right to a dignified life? Shouldnt you want a dignified life? How can that ever happen if you continue to take these fatal decisions?

well i have gone on enough .... if i do ....my letter will only go from realistic to pessimistic,
good luck....


¿Será que entonces esta es suficiente razón?

6 comentarios:

phillip dijo...

hay padre de padre de padre...todos hijos....

un abrazo

|_Bonny_| dijo...

Tenemos que conversar seriamente vos y yo.


Anónimo dijo...

QUe carta.. no lo tomes a mal, pero que asco tu vida.

Parece que, literalmente, has metido las patas en el pasado. Mis mejores deseos de que hayas salido de eso mas fuerte, pero tambien ojala mas inteligente.

yo misma dijo...

No sé cuál podría ser una razón suficiente para tomar una decisión así tan difícil. Lo que creo es que tener un hijo es duro (con todas las cosas buenas que tiene) y decidir no tenerlo creo que puede ser super doloroso y requiere de mucha valentía.

Tenaz la carta de tu padre, a mi me dejaría sin piso

GringuitaQuiteña dijo...

Los asambleistas posiblemente no entenderian la carta, porque muchos de ellos no hablaran ingles.
En un tono mas serio, imposible el decirte las cosas que me vienen a la cabeza, "caduno-caduno" dicen, y yo no soy nadie para juzgar a quien tome ciertas decisiones en su vida, q pueden ser mal vistas por gente con mentalidad muy cuadrada, pero q al final son mejores que el seguir con algo que puede afectar tu vida y la de otros para siempre.
Lo unico q puedo decir es q de todo se aprende y espero que en tu vida haya mas luz y mas claridad.
Un abrazo,

Anónimo dijo...

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