8 de febrero de 2009

-Li Na Po Ru Ce Fr-

Litio, sodio, potasio, rubidio, cesio, francio...

Nunca me aprendí el resto de los elementos de la tabla...


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Chopan dijo...

disturbo sus preocupaciones científicas con un meme!


Roberto dijo...

Gaby, a continuación mi canción preferida de Nirvana y la letra.


Come, as you are. As you were.
As I want you to be. As a friend.
As a friend. As an old enemy. Take your time.
Hurry up. The choice is yours. Don't be late.
Take a rest. As a friend. As a old memoria.[x4]
Come. Dowsed in mud. Soaked in bleach.
As I want you to be. As a trend. As a friend.
As an old memoria. [x4]

And I swear that I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun. No I don't have a gun.

Memoria. [x4] (don't have a gun).

And I swear that I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun. No I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun. No I don't have a gun. Memoria, memoria...

Por cierto, ¿recibiste el clip de "Mr. Crowley" por Ozzy Osbourne?

Atrapasueños dijo...

malditación!!! ha resucitado un viejo trauma del colegio, ami si me tocó aprenderme toda esa nota

Anónimo dijo...

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